I write this blog and all the content in my spare time, so if you find it helpful and wish to support the site; you can sign up to sites with the links below. However, as always be smart with your money and only sign up if you really need the service/product. I will only recommend products and services I have used and think are worth it. So some of the below links are affiliate/referral links.


This site is hosted on a Vultr VPS, it requires a bit of technical know-how to get it working. But it gives you much better performance and customisation if you need it. Also it can be fun to configure a server from scratch, if that interests you.


All my email for personal, this site and other projects is done through Migadu. They have a simple, no-nonsense service which I find great. Also their prices are fantastic for the service they are offering. Additionally, part of the reason I chose them is due to their stance on privacy. Their servers are located in Switzerland and benefit from their strong data privacy laws. I am currently working with them to get a discount code for anyone interested in signing up.