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Here I’m going to keep a list of all the personal finance blogs I know and read somewhat frequently. I have learnt a great deal from the resources these guys put out. My goal is to hopefully put out some great content as well! I’m going to write a little blurb about each one and explain what I find best about them.

Path To Fire

A relative newcomer to the Australian personal finance blog scene, Path To Fire has been putting out monthly update consistently. They show a good insight into the path of getting out of debt, and in the future convert that path to one towards FIRE!

Incompetent Investor

Aussie Hi FIRE

Frugality and Freedom

Strong Money Australia

FIRE By Thirty Five

A blog with a bit of history (started in 2016) with an original aim of $50,000 in passive income by 2026. There is plenty of content to read through as well as regular posts coming out monthly at least. LadyFIRE has many posts investigating various investments (Mainstream and alternative) but also mixes in some discussions about living a better life.

FI Explorer

Money Flamingo

A personal finance blog with a unique and fantastic flamingo theme! THey are aiming to get into semi-retirement by 2021, which must be very exciting for them. Full of great content and a particularly inventive way of phasing their journey towards FIRE. Can’t wait for their upcoming updates!

Dividends Down Under

A long time blogger of the Australian personal finance community, DDU have been putting out great content since late 2015. There is definitely many pearls of wisdom throughout their archives. I particularly enjoy watching their monthly dividend updates and goal of getting enough dividends each month to live off.

The Economiss

His Her Money Guide

A new entrant to the Australian personal finance blog community starting in the beginning of 2019 (Jan 1st in fact). One of the the most, if not most, frugal couple I’ve seen, they achieve a really impressive savings rate! Despite only being around for a little bit their site is slick and has plenty of awesome content!.

Life Long Shuffle

The Barefoot Investor

Scott Pape, most famous probably for his popular books, The Barefoot Investor and The Barefoot Investor for families. He also runs a blog and a paid newsletter containing investment and finance advice. Less grass roots than the other members of the Australian personal finance community but the books are great introductory content.

Burning Desire for FIREOriginal Blog (Now migrated)

Carpe Dividendum

On The FIRE Side

Fully Franked FIRE

Easy Peasy FIRE

Value Investing for a Living

Ordinary Dollar

Turbo FIRE

A new blog, starting 2018, by a 29 year old Aussie from Melbourne. Their aim is to hit $1 million in around 7 years. I like that it is easy to read and the casual style of the blog. Good luck on the 7 year journey Turbo FIRE!

School on FIRE

School on FIRE contains some great, in depth updates (seems to be quarterly) on their path to FIRE. Each one is worth a read for their insight into each part of their journey. However, the SSL certificate needs to be fixed!

I Live Off Dividends

I think this blog is great due to the focus on the importance of passive income. Mainly because I wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy. I find it is a great resource for discovering new passive income investments and other discussions.

Simple Living Australia

The Flawed Consumer

Remember to Water

Australian Dividend Investor


All About Balance

Get Money Wise

Aussie FIRE Bug

Aussie Finance Blog

Adventures With Poopsie

Hey, It’s Just Money!

The Joyful Frugalista (previously MsFrugalEars)

The Spreadsheet Dad

Enough Time To…

Wealthy Bogan (offline now – web archive link)

Unfortunately this blog was only around for a little while. However it did contain some good articles with a splash of Aussie humour. You should be able to access some of the articles through the web archive link.

Big Kid, Little Adult (offline now – web archive link)

Wealth From Thirty (offline now – web archive link)

Get FIRE’d ASAP (offline now – web archive link)

One of the earlier Australian FIRE blogs, Get FIRE’d ASAP achieved financial independence while blogging. However, now their site has gone offline perhaps to give them more time in retirement to live it up! :p

Tight Arse Tuesdays (offline now – web archive link)

Money Glee (offline now – web archive link)

And some from our friends across the ditch in New Zealand 🙂

Passive Income NZ

NZ Muse

Let me know if I missed your blog or any other personal finance blog in the comments below and I will get them added. 🙂

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