January 2019 Income Report – Report 2: Electric Cashaloo

So, a bit of a reduced monthly income compared to December, but that’s mainly due to the heavy Whitefield dividend received. Side hustle income is down to nothing :(. I’ve been working on some side hustles and projects this month to get that number up!

Let’s have a look at January’s income:

Passive Income

APN AREIT Fund$53.32
APN Asian AREIT Fund$54.56
Charter Hall PFA Fund$115.65
Vanguard Emerging Markets (VGE) ETF Distribution $27.15
Vanguard MSCI International (VGS) ETF Distribution $61.67
RateSetter Interest$5.99

I am continuing to get monthly distributions from my property funds – APN and Charter Hall. Fund distributions have remained stable and consistent which is great. Having the monthly distributions is fantastic to smooth my income to make it more similar to a salary.

This month also saw distributions from two of my Vanguard ETFs, VGE and VGS. I picked up both of these ETFs to diversify and get exposure to international markets. VGE was chosen in particular to get exposure to emerging global markets.

I have also gotten some more interest from my RateSetter investments. I did a write-up of my RateSetter experience here. Basically I have had a pretty good run with them, however I am winding back my investments. I will let my existing loans complete, I believe I have around 2 years left. I have decided to do this due to the reduced returns in recent years; as well as the potential impacts from a financial crisis/recession.

Side Hustle Income

Side HustleAmount
None 🙁N/A

No money from side hustles this month unfortunately. I have been working on some projects and side hustles however which will hopefully result in some income next month and beyond. 🙂

A total of $318.34 this month.

A decent wad of cash this month, not as great as December but that due to variability of distribution frequency. It will be good to build some more consistent income streams bringing in income every month.

Second report completed! I’ve added a few posts recently and I’m keen to add more. However I’ve been a bit busy with work and building side income. Hopefully will have some extra lines for the income tables above! I’ve been working on a personal finance blog list to capture the personal finance blogs of Australia (and some New Zealanders). I’m going through all the blogs to have look and write up what I like and learn from each one. The Australian finance blog community seems really nice and well knit and I hope to be a part of it as well.

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