February 2019 Income Report – Return of the Report

This report is super late, I went on two weeks holiday to New Zealand as well as preparing for a new adventure. I will be taking 12 months off from my current work to live in another country. This gives me some extra motivation to get my non-employment income up! I should have more time to work on side hustles as well as exploring and travelling.

Alright another big month thanks to a favourable half-yearly dividend from BKI. Let’s have a look at February’s income breakdown:

Passive Income

APN AREIT Fund$53.32
APN Asian AREIT Fund$54.56
Charter Hall PFA Fund$115.65
UBank Interest$32.10
HSBC Interest$20.70
BKI Dividend$809.60
RateSetter Interest$5.63

The monthly distributions from my property funds continue to be a stable backbone to my income report. Pumping out that safe and predictable income for me. I am definitely keen to get more of my money into these types of investments. However I have concerns how they would hold up in a recession. Perhaps we might get to see how they go soon.

BKI has provided a great dividend for myself this month. While the consistent income above is nice, it is fantastic when the big drops come in from some of my bigger dividend investments. I think most of this dividend will go to funding my NZ trip and future travels. Getting this big dividend now gives a small insight into what it would be like to live off this passive income. Can’t wait to work hard enough to get this level of income (or more) every month!

My RateSetter interest is starting to decrease now that I’m extracting my capital, and I expect to slowly reduce over the coming years.

Side Hustle Income

Side HustleAmount
Matched Betting $229.22

Matched betting, while it sounds like gambling, it is actually great way to make some money. All you need is little bit of capital, some time, a bit of courage and enthusiasm to learn something new. Matched betting is actually quite popular in the UK and Australia and almost anyone can take part. There are a few facets to matched betting, one of the most lucrative is taking advantage of bookie’s sign up offers. Last year I managed earn around $6,000 over around 2 months, not bad for a few hours in my spare time. Now I am getting back into another technique, and I will probably write another article soon covering what it all entails.

A total of $1,320.78 this month.

(graph of income per month coming soon :p)

Best month so far! While this is a great month, I won’t have the benefits of a healthy BKI dividend every month :). I will need to continue working on my side hustles and investing to smooth out my monthly income.

Three reports completed (although this one was late)! I will be getting back into writing posts on this blog. I’ll prepare the next income report of the next couple of days as well as some in depth posts for some of my investments and side hustles. I hope you are all enjoying reading my updates, please let me know any suggestions in the comments :).

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