March 2019 Income Report – 보고 4

I am writing this report from Korea, battling the language barrier and enjoying the incredible food! I haven’t had much time to work on anything, still getting settled in but hopefully by next month I can share some more information about side hustles and more

Let’s have a closer look at the breakdown of income for March:

Passive Income

APN AREIT Fund$53.32
APN Asian AREIT Fund$54.56
Charter Hall PFA Fund$115.65
UBank Interest$32.45
HSBC Interest$19.79
CBA Dividend$132
RateSetter Interest$3.28

The Property funds and bank interest arr producing steady income as expected and it is very welcome especially now that I have taken long term leave from my job. Again I would love to increase my investments in these stable, income-producing assets

CBA this month has paid out a decent dividend for myself, CBA was actually my first share purchase and has provided plenty of dividends over the years. Although I wonder how they will hold up over the coming years where there seems to be a lot of potential disruption coming to the banking industry.

As per usual RateSetter interest is still decreasing due to my extraction of my capital.

Side Hustle Income

Side Hustle/OtherAmount
Matched Betting$194.84

I have continued with matched betting this month and it has given a decent return. I probably spend about 6 hours a week but I am getting faster at doing it. Hopefully the next couple of months will also be more profitable.

I also signed up to Up bank which gave me a small sign up bonus. Up is a fully digital bank backed by Bendigo Bank and the experience has been very smooth. The app and card are great and really make a statement. It is also very easy and quick to transfer money around, I might do a more in depth review when I have played around with it some more.

A total of $625.89 this month.

Here is my trend of income per month so far.

About a 50% drop from the previous month but still extremely happy with the income I am receiving per month not attached to my job. I think most of my big dividends have been paid for the year so I will have to pick up the other areas to make up for that income

Number 4 completed! Hopefully I will be pushing out some more articles before the end of April around matched betting and something undecided :p. I hope you are all enjoying reading my updates, please let me know any suggestions in the comments :).

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    • Cheers Frankie,

      Yes it has been really exciting and challenging which is great! Agreed every little bit adds up and is important.

      Your logo is super cool by the way :).

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