July Income Report 2019 – Dark times ahead

Another month above $1,000, which is the second in a row! Great news! However, my matched betting income has all but dried up. And I don’t have any income sources ready to replace it. Silly mistake on my part but an important lesson to learn. Diversify and prepare better when you know things are coming to an end.

This month has been slow across the board as I was holidaying and didn’t have much time or motivation to get anything done. I am endeavoring to get out a review on Up bank soon and will update this post when I have finished that. Update: Up review has been posted here.

Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at July’s income:

Passive Income

APN AREIT Fund$53.32
APN Asian AREIT Fund$54.56
Charter Hall PFA Fund$115.65
UBank Interest$18.50
VGE Distribution$30.69
VGS Distribution$115.29
RateSetter Interest$1.86

Passive income sources has been solid again apart from some distributions from my Vanguard funds.

RateSetter have spring special offer running currently. If you invest $1,000 in the 1 month rolling or 5 year markets they will give you a bonus $50. You need to sign up through this link to access the offer before 31st of October. I will also receive $50 if you meet the criteria for the offer. This offer is a good opportunity to try out RateSetter and see if it right for your investment strategy.

Side Hustle Income

Side Hustle/OtherAmount
Matched Betting$1,219.90

Another great month of matched betting for me. However as foreshadowed in prior posts the inevitable has happened. I have been banned from most bookies greatly reducing my ability to earn income from this source going forward. I expect only a few chances to earn around $100 a month is likely.

Unfortunately due to being a bit slack and putting all my eggs into the matched betting basket, I don’t have much other income to replace it. At least this will act as a kick to get into finding more side hustles to replace this income.

A total of $1,609.77 this month!

Graph of income per month.
Graph of income per month.

Another great month, however as stated next month is likely to not be so great, probably below the $1,000 a month goal I chose. I will be working hard to get this income back up to that level which may take a couple of months. I will be sure to post about any side hustles I am undertaking and if I feel they are worth pursuing for others.

As always hope these updates are informative and helpful; please leave any comments you have below.

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